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September 24, 2009



Spring, summer, fall & winter dreams
Those are shinning like a star
They keep whispering
“I’m so in love with you”
Spring, summer, fall & winter love
It is breezing to my heart
and it keeps telling
“I’ll make you rainbow smile”
I remember when we were angels
when we dreamed about us
All my days were happy
just like a snowy christmas
I wish i’d have them always
Every step i make writes a story
It is full of the heart
feeling love of my life and missing friends of my time
I wish i’d have them all
In Spring, summer, fall & winter days
we’ve been sharing all the hearts
love shines in my eyes
love just won’t fade away
I remember when we were angels
when we dreamed about us
All my days were happy
just like a snowy christmas
I wish i’d have them always
Every step i make writes a story
It is full of the heart
feeling love of my life and missing friends of my time
I Wish i’d have them all
If you’d all the way show me the world
where I will stay in love
All my days will be white
just like a snowy christmas
You’re just all I need

September 21, 2009

Camarines Sur 2009

September 17, 2009. 2PM – My family decided to go to Naga City for the Penafrancia Festival. Since it’s merely 2 days before the feast, I had a hard time finding a hotel or any place to stay. This is my 5th time in Bicol. But before we have no problem with accommodation since my aunt is a nun and we are staying at the Basilica. My aunt is member of Daughters of Mary congregation. This year, they didn’t come with us. We found a tourist inn outside Naga City where we stayed comfortably.

The feast of Our Lady of Peñafrancia is celebrated on the third Saturday of September in Naga City where Filipinos (not only Bicolanos) will pay honor to the Virgin of Peñafrancia, whom the Bicolanos fondly call Ina, the miraculous patroness of the Bicol Region. The feast day is headed by a novena, nine days of prayer, in honor of the Virgin. On the first day, the image of the Virgin, a copy of the Madonna in Peñafrancia, Spain, is brought from its shrine to the Naga Cathedral where the novena is held. On the last day, the image is returned to her shrine following the Naga River route. The colorful evening procession is lit by thousands of candles from followers in boats escorting the image. When the float reaches its destination, the devotees shout "Viva la Virgen" (Long live the Virgin!) and the image is carried back in a procession to the cathedral.

September 16, 2009


During an hour's swimming at a municipal pool you will ingest 1/12 litre of urine?

In an average day your hands will have come into indirect contact with 15 penises (touching door handles, etc.)?

An average person's yearly fast food intake will contain 12 pubic hairs?

In a year you will have swallowed 14 insects - while you slept!?

Annually you will shake hands with 2 women who have recently masturbated and failed to wash their hands?

Annually you will shake hands with 26 men who have recently masturbated and failed to wash their hands?

In a lifetime 22 workmen will have examined the contents of your dirty linen basket?

At an average wedding reception you have a 1/100 chance of getting a cold sore from one of the guests?

Daily you will breath in 1 liter of other peoples' anal gases?

Just sharing this funny email i just received!

September 15, 2009

Quezon Province Getaway

After six years of graduating from college, the barkada was able to see Maricel. She lives in Mauban and every time the group has a time to meet in Manila she can’t join us. She invited us several times to visit her and have a vacation in Mauban but we always have excuses. This time, finally we decided to come because this was her big day. September 12 was her wedding day. Only 5 of us came, Noel, Donna, Jing, Amor and me. We all waited for Debby but she has many inexcusable excuses. She didn’t go with us. We rode the JAC Transit from Cubao to Lucena then GTExpress van from Lucena to Mauban for almost 6 hours because of traffic and heavy rain. When we finally reach Icel’s home, her family warmly greeted us. They were all kind to us. The dinner they served is superb. I personally like the shrimp with coconut. The next morning we all went back to Lucena for the wedding.

The reception was just located in front of the church (Diamond Hotel). The food is good but the venue is masikip for 200 guests. During the reception, we all witness the unique wedding traditions they have in Mauban. (My goodness! Ang Daming Pera). When its time for the bride to throw the bouquet, Amor and I quietly slipped outside, leaving Donna and Jing inside the hall. They told us we are madaya. I really don’t like that part of the reception. After dinner we had a good time taking pictures at the hotel garden. We all want a picture that all of us are jumping what we don’t know how to time it. We ended into some wacky shots. At around 10pm, we all went back to Mauban to rest.

Sunday Morning we went to Lucban to visit the Kamay ni Hesus Via Dolorosa Grotto and Healing Church. Here, they have healing masses by noted priest Father Joey Faller. The view from above is breathtaking. I will definetly come back here with my family.

After our short pilgrimage, we went to Kamayan sa Palaisdaan were we ate using our hands. (no spoon and fork). Amor and I are used to eat with our hands because we are Kapampangans. At the end of the day, we were all tired and it’s time for Donna, Noel and Jing to go back to Manila. Amor and I extended our vacation till Monday. We had all a nice time spending our weekend in Quezon Province. We will come back again on Ate Sharon’s wedding or on baptism of Icel’s first child, whichever comes first.

September 7, 2009


TAMA o MALI: Magselos sa co-worker ng bf?

September 3, 2009


i feel like one

September 2, 2009

coffee addiction

... i hate how coffee turns into an addiction and how it keeps you up all night

... how it burns and makes your heart beat fast

... especially how it makes you crave for its rich and sweet promises of grains, milk and sugar

... moments later, it puts you into a melancholic mood of coldness

... before you realize, it has consumed you before you should have consumed it


... then again, you crave for another cup


September 1, 2009

Ang Kawawang Baboy

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