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September 29, 2012

At the end... It's just the two of us

Our friendship started way back in 1993 when we were in grade school. We were not even classmates. We met at the church when I joined the Children of May Immaculate or COMI. I don't know why we became friends since we are so much different. Di kami parehas ng favorites. She prefers yellow and i like blue. Lakwatsera ako siya hindi. She study hard ako happy-go-lucky. She dance well, ako parehong kaliwa ang paa, but I can sing better than her. hahaha. She's a worrier, I'm not.  She's a cry baby too. 

High school came and classmates na kami. We have our own set of friends inside the school but after class, kami na naman ang magkasama dahil lagi kaming tambay sa simbahan. Marami ng pinagdaanan ang friendship namin. There were times na hindi kami bati. I remember those times but I can't remember the cause of our misunderstanding. Those childish moments.

When we were in college, we still have each other. We were both studying at CEU Manila, with the same course. Still... we have our own set of friends.

After college, sa kasamaang palad...magkasama pa rin kami, lol. We both work in the same company. magkasama pa kami sa isang room. Those who know us were surprised that up to this time ay kami pa rin ang magkasama.

I remember those time when we both write letters to each other. Then nauso ang text, friendster and facebook. I still miss our letter writing. Now, I encourage her to blog. Meron na rin sya but still on process pa ang editing.

Over the 19 years, friends come and go..but still... we are the last one standing! At the end...It's still just the two of us.

I made this avp last 2010 on her birthday. I got busy these past few days kaya hindi ako nakagawa ng bago. 

Happy happy birthday to my soul sister... Love you.


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