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October 31, 2012

Duman Festival 2012 Schedule

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
KAPAMPANGAN theater arts group or the “Arti.Sta Rita” will host the 11th Duman Festival on December 1, 2012, highlighting duman, local delicacy, in front of the Sta. Rita de Cascia Parish Church.

Andy Alviz and his group Arti.StaRita started the festival in 2002, which originated from the long-standing tradition of pounding and winnowing unripe glutinous rice (lacatan) and turning it into a light pale gold or green delicacy called “duman.”

The festival features alfresco dining in front of the Sta. Rita Church patio where rows of delicacy stalls would sell various pastries and native dishes of the town namely sansrival, masa podridu, mamon and mamon tostado with duman being the major highlight.

Sta. Rita town is known as a pastry town with a strong culinary tradition. The festival has attracted a steady following of local and international tourists.

The Duman Festival is held in the evening and features festive dining until the wee hours of the morning.

“The festival always aims to offer native delicacies and dishes of the town to the people of Pampanga and to inspire awareness on Kapampangan culinary traditions among the younger generation and among those who have lived outside of the province for so long,” Alviz said.

Alviz said the event will feature a cultural performance from the musical group ArtiSta.Rita that will present their latest musical “Ing Tauling Sarsuela.”

The program for the event is expected to start at 5 p.m. and is open to food enthusiasts and tourists who would like to sample native Kapampangan cooking and delicacies.

Duman, which is eaten with hot chocolate or milk, is, according to Food critic Claude Tayag, adding that unlike the regular rice variety, which can be planted and harvested three times a year. (Ian Ocampo Flora)
Published in the Sun.Star Pampanga newspaper on October 30, 2012.

Bicycle Diaries: My First Bicycle

Dad brought us bicycles last week. Saan kaya ako mapapadpad nito? 

We brought them in Bamban Tarlac. Malapit lang. Sa boundary ng Tarlac at Pampanga. Paglagpas ng Xevera.... medyo malapit na... nakalimutan ko ang pangalan ng store...pero nasa tapat nya ang Burger Machine. Napakaraming bike. Malulula ka. Di ka makakapili ng mabuti. Mura kasi ang tinda nila kaya kami napadpad doon. Itong folding bike na binili ni daddy ay Php 1,900.00 lang. Compare dun sa nakita ko sa mall na 6,500 napakalaking mura. Sa may San Fernando (P) may bilihan din ng Japan surplus na bike. Mas mahal nga lang ng halos doble. So far... maganda naman ang takbo ng bike. Maayos ang speed (shimano) at may bonus pa akong basket!

Next, I'm planning to make a t-shirt design. Feeling namin....bikers club 

October 3, 2012

Food Finds: Trappist Dried Mango

When I went to Iloilo to attend the wedding of a friend... we had the chance to tour around Iloilo City. We were suppose to go to Guimaras but the weather didn't permit us. As we bought some pasalubongs I was choosing which brand of dried mangoes to buy. then I saw this Trappist Monastic Products. I wondered if this was delicious because of the price. Most dried mangoes I bought at local stores here cost around P35-P50 per pack. But this Trappist brand cost around P100. So I bought 2 packs.

Pagdating sa bahay, I gave the 1 to my mom. When I tasted it...oh! heaven... That was the best dried mango I ever tasted. Napakalaking pagsisisi.....bakit hindi ako bumili ng marami... bakit kasi walang free taste doon sa store na binilhan namin...bakit kasi walng nagsabi na masarap pala yun. I plan on going to Guimaras pag may nakuha akong cheap airfare to Iloilo.

I tried to look for Trappist brand sa Kultura sa MOA meron kaso walang dried mango. So everytime na may friend ako na pupunta ng Iloilo, naghahabilin ako ng dried mango. Luckily, one of my friend went there last weekend and nagpabili ako! At last... natikman ko ulit. 

October 2, 2012

Kapitolyo: Pampanga Provincial Capitol

Being a lakwatsera...I'm planning to visit the 80 provinces of the Philippines before I reach the age of 40. So far... I'm already 30 and i already visited 23 provinces, but since I'm not blogging yet wala akong documentation. Now I will visit again the 23 provinces just to capture the beautiful spots and experience again the local culture. Some of my friends, when they travel...they take souvenir with them like t-shirts or keychain... some take pictures of the local church. I plan to collect pictures.... pictures of landmarks, churches, local people, local foods and delicacies, hotels, restaurants and the Provincial Capitol and Municipal or City Hall.

This series of posts is titled KAPITOLYO, with pictures of the Provincial Capitol, the seat of the provincial government. I will start with my home province...PAMPANGA.

The capital of Pampanga was transferred to San Fernando from Bacolor in 1904. Pampanga Capitol was constructed in 1907-1908 during the administration of Governor Macario Arnedo.  The park with lush ground in front of the capitol was named after him. He is the first elected governor of Pampanga.
Pampanga Capitol

Arnedo Park
Arnedo Park
Don Macario Arnedo, the first elected governor of Pampanga
I had the chance to stroll around the Capitol Grounds when my employer had a meeting at the Benigno Aquino Hall. There are statues of famous people in the compound.

Ninoy Aquino Monument in front of Benigno Aquino Hall

Honorio Ventura
The first state university in Pampanga was named after him. The Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University formerly known as: Don Honorio Ventura College of Arts and Trades is a State University in the Philippines and it's known to be the Oldest Vocational School in Far East Asia established since 1861.
Jose Abad Santos
Jose Abad Santos y Basco was the fifth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines and served as Acting President of the Philippines during World War II. He was executed by Japanese forces during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines.

Zoilo J. Hilario

Another statue is Zoilo J. Hilario. The truth is, I don't know the man that's why I search. I've learned that he was a famous Kapampangan writer and poet who dedicated his life to the propagation of Kapampangan literature and culture.
President Diosdado Macapagal
The 9th President of the Philippines... Diosdado Macapagal, the father of Former President and the present Congresswoman of Pampanga 2nd district Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Maximino H. Hizon
The most prominent figure in the capitol compound is the statue of General Maximino H. Hizon. He was the highest ranking Kapampangan officer in the revolutionary army. He was depicted in full uniform, nakasakay pa sa kabayo.

Inside the capitol...

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