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April 1, 2013

Maundy Thursday: Dakit Cordero, Santa Rita Pampanga

Mula ng maging Parish Priest ng Santa Rita si Msgr. Eugene Reyes, binuhay muli ang tradisyon ng Dakit Cordero (fetching of the lamb). Some parishes who also practice this tradition used a "lamb" made of cake or kamote. Here in Santa Rita Parish, they used a real lamb.

The lamb symbolizes the imminent death of Christ.

The celebration started with a prayer and liturgical reading at the Doña Irene Retreat House/Sta. Rita Catholic School (SRCS), around 5PM the parish priest. This was followed by a march going to the church.

During the mass, after the homily, the washing of the feet of the parish representatives (came from different sectors of the town) follows.

After the mass, may maliit na procession ng Blessed Sacrament sa loob ng simbahan. And the Blessed Sacrament was place on the altar for people to venerate.

* Many thanks to SCM of Santa Rita de Cascia Parish for the pictures.


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