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June 27, 2013

Departure from Singapore


It's time to go home.

Airasia flights from Singapore to Clark was 10am. That's why we left the hotel as early as 7am. Because of our heavy luggage, we just hired 2 vans to take us to the airport. Each van can accommodate 10 persons and cost $50. Just ask your hotel about this for hassle-free airport transfer.

We took our breakfast after checking in. 

In Singapore, you can enjoy 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) Refund for your purchases of $100 above at participating stores. 

1. At the shop, simply ask for GST and they will process the form and attached it it your receipt. If you will not ask, it won't automatically given. Good thing I already knew about this. 

2. At the airport, if you plan to check-in your purchases, apply your GST refund at the eTRS kiosk located at the Departure Hall (before the departure immigration). Just follow the instructions and you're done. 

3. If you plan to hand-carry your items, after check-in, proceed to the Departure Transit Lounge at the airport. There are also eTRS kiosk there but proceed at the counter immediately and present your receipts/invoices with the attached eTRS ticket. Remember, no eTRS no Refund. The guy before me was asked to present his purchases, maybe because he purchased electronics. The officer didn't require me though. 

4. Collect your refund. Just present your credit card and it will automatically credited within 10 days. In my case, I forgot my credit card in my other bag and my refund were in cash. I went to the next counter, the Central Refund Counter and collected my cash.

Changi Airport has many shops and restaurants. As we passed by the perfume station, we found out that it's much cheaper here than in malls. 

We boarded on-time but we didn't immediately fly because of the haze. After almost 45 minutes delayed, we were finally cleared to go. We experienced many turbulence as we enter the PAR.

Upon landing at DMIA, it was so windy.

There was a long queue inside the airport. There were only 2 immigration officers processing our papers. After clearing the immigration, upon collecting our bags, we were greeted by Airasia staffs. They do have a promo.  
High-5! AirAsia has been named the World's Best Low-Cost Airline for the fifth year running. To celebrate, they're giving away 2 pairs of free flights for the most creative High-5 moments shared with them.


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