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June 26, 2013

Shopping and Food Trip at Bugis

We rode the bus from Geylang to Bugis. We want to go to Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho and we asked for directions. People in Singapore are friendly and they will help in anyway they can. One guy even pointed us the right exit. 

After short walk we finally reach the temple.

The  temple is dedicated to Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. They say that wishes made here do come true. 

This is the procedure:
1. Enter and get some joysticks.
2. Light them and pray.
3. Enter the main temple and get a container of cham si (bamboo sticks)
4. Kneel and shake the container until one falls out.
5. Toss the 2 bean-shaped thing.
6. Return the container and get the free matching slip with verse.

This is free. No photography allowed inside.

After visiting the temple, it's time to shop. Bugis is known for pasalubong shopping. It's much cheaper here than in Mustafa Center. Parang Divisoria.

And then we saw the ice cream vendor. For $1, you can choose from different flavors at iiipit sa wafer.

 I chose the Red Bean popsicle ($.60)

 Luis was enjoying his 3 flavors of ice cream.
You can explore Bugis and other area by riding the trishaw just outside Albert Mall. Rates starts at $39.

We found this sex shop inside.

You can see different street foods.

This milo-filled crepe comes with iced jasmine tea na lasang sampaguita ($3.90).

Luis with his food

 Simut na simot ang pagkain ni madame

Fruit juices for $1

We enjoyed our food trip at Bugis.



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