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October 22, 2013

How to Go to Camiguin: Agora to Balingoan

One place I always want to visit is the island province of Camiguin because of lanzones. Good thing our Northern Mindanao trip happened at the same time lanzones are in season. 

At 2:30am, we were ready to go. Pagbaba ng inn, terminal na. How convenient. This is the terminal entrance. You have to pay Php 3 as facility usage fee.

We didn't catch the 3:00am De Luxe Bachelor Express bus going to Butuan. 

Because we plan to sleep in the bus on our way to Balingoan, we just waited for the next aircon bus.

We paid Php 143 for a 2 hour bus ride to Balingoan. Balingoan is the point of entry from CDO to Benoni Port in Camiguin. This is the cheapest way. We left Agora at 4am and we immediately slept to gain some energy.

Because it's in the early morning, without much traffic, we reached Balingoan at around 5:30am. 

We rode the motorela (Php 8) to catch the ferry but then, hindi kami umabot. We have to wait for the 6:15am trip. If you're not in a hurry, you can just walk from the bus terminal to the pier. It's about 150 meters. 

We bought our ferry ticket at Php 170 and travel time is 1 hour. There is also a discounted rate for students and senior citizens.

Sign in the manifest after paying your ticket.

There is an environmental fee of Php 2.

While waiting, we had coffee at an eatery outside the port.
Boarding time

Because I'm afraid of the sea, I just remained on my seat for the duration of our voyage.Camiguin is already visible from Balingoan port.

For whatever reason, we were delayed by the coast guard and left Balingoan at 6:45am. We reached Benoni Port at around 8:00am.


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