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December 29, 2013

Where to Eat in San Fernando Pampanga: Ichiban Mix Buffet and Smokeless Grill

It was our year ender dinner when we decided to try the newest buffet in town....Ichiban Mix Buffet and Smokeless Grill. It opened last December 10, 2013.

It is located at the 3rd floor of Kingsborough Building along Jose Abad Santos Avenue (beside S&R and Ford Pampanga). Yes..... 3rd floor. And since the building is new, the elevator is not yet in service so we had no choice but to take the stairs.

Since it's still 5pm and too early for dinner... halos kami pa ang tao and we had the chance to roam/inspect the varieties.

Ichiban serves more on Chinese foods. Medyo kaunti lang ang variety.

I liked the salt and pepper spareribs and the grilled shrimps and tempura. This is basically my first plate.

The dessert station is nothing but store brought "kakanin" from sweet delicacies in Pampanga. Nothing spectacular like the ones in Vikings of Buffet 101. No crepes but they have 2 flavors of ice cream, turon, leche flan and 4 kinds of fruits.

The drinks

No alcoholic beverage and they have melon shake. I forgot to ask if they also serve hot tea.

The raw meat station

As you can see, there are many varieties to grill. But I like the shrimps best.

The price

Upon going out, I asked one of the waiters of their contact number. It appears they don't have landline yet but they gave me a cellphone number to call for reservations.

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