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February 27, 2014

Places to See in Baler

There are many things anyone can enjoy in Baler. Because I forgot to bring my contact lenses, and Im a little bit scared, I did not try to surf. Maybe next time when I find my courage to brave the big waves. 

For those who don't want to surf, just enjoy the beauty that Aurora offers.

1. Baler Church - this is the site of the Siege of Baler. It was originally built in 1611. In 1939, First Lady Aurora Quezon led a move to renovate the church. The church was painted but the interior remains preserved.

2.  Ermita Hill - said to be the highest point in Baler overlooking the sea. It has a viewdeck where you can enjoy the picturesque view. Below is the statue called Tromba Marina. It is said that a big tsunami hit the town wayback in 1735 and only few families survived it. The shine was dedicated to them.

Considered as the highest point in Baler overlooking the bay. At the foot of the hill is a shrine called "Tromba Marina", dedicated to commemorate the families who climbed up the hill and survived the catastrophic tsunami that happened in 1735. - See more at:

3. Diguisit Falls - a multi level falls located just along the highway.

4.  Diguisit Rock Formations - a must-see place where the rocks are formed beautifully and displayed on the ocean.

5. Aurora Quezon Ancestral House - replica of the former first lady's ancestral house. Located just outside the Baler church.

6.  Baler Public Market

7.  Ditumabo Falls - the falls is called Mother Falls and its located in the town of San Luis in Aurora. Trek the rocky mountain for about 30 minutes and you can see the magnificent waterfall.

8.  Balete Tree - the largest balete (Banyan) tree in Asia. It is located in Brgy. Maria Aurora. It is estimated about 600 years old that's why it is also known as Millenium Tree.  You can actually get inside the tree and take a picture.

9.  Sabang Bay - surf, swim, run, jog and walk along Sabang Bay

Other spots that we have not visited. 

1. Pagasa Weather Station
2. Cemento Beach and Cobra Reef
3. Dicasalarin Beach/Cove
4.  Dicaloyungan Picnic Zone
5.  Aniao Islets
6.  Lieutenant Commander James C. Gilmore Marker
7.  Museo de Baler
8.  Quezon Memorial Park - the birthplace of President Manuel L. Quezon


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