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March 29, 2014

Ladies' Market and Eat Together in Hongkong

After strolling along the Avenue of Stars, though we were so tired, we still went to Mongkok for the Ladies' Market. We took the MTR and took the Tuen Wan line in the Tuen Wan direction and got off at Mong Kok.

There are also many guesthouse located at the area.

Ladies' Market is a kilometer stretch of stalls selling bargain clothes, bags, shoes, souvenirs and more. Though its named as "ladies' market", do not be confused as they sell stuffs here for men and women.

It's like Divisoria. So many items to buy but they are expensive. Always ask for discount as sellers tends to give you a higher price. Before buying, ask the others stalls for the price for you to have an idea and choose the cheapest. Most of the local sellers doesn't speak English. They just communicate via calculator.

When hunger strikes you, there are many eateries to choose from. 

We chose to eat at a local stall called Eat Together.

The place is so small that it only has 8 tables. There are many people who eat here and you have to wait for your turn. 

They offer cheap and amazing noodle soup which you can pick and choose the meats off your choice. 

It was hard communicating with the staffs because they speak poor English and we don't know any Chinese.

We ordered the staff recommended. We were waiting nervously for our food to arrived as we have no idea on what to expect.
Finally, our food...

The bowl of soup was worth the wait. The food was delicious and worth it for its very low price. 

See our happy faces? The food is highly recommended!


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