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April 27, 2014

Sleeping in Hongkong International Airport

Cebu Pacific's cheap flights were during crazy hours. Our flight back to the Philippines is at 9:00am. So instead of staying at the hotel for our last night, we decided to just stay and sleep at the airport. We rode the bus A21 from Nathan Road to the airport at 7pm. We reached the airport at around 8:30pm.

Good thing we were prepared for the cold of the air-con. We had our makeshift blanket and pillows out of our baggage. And we were not only the one who spent the night there. We chose the bench near the window, far away from the crowded area.

Some stores/cafe were open until midnight so make sure you buy yourself some coffee and bread before they close. If you want to read the lights were sufficient too. If you want to charge your gadgets, they also have charging stations near the check-in counters.

No one really bothered us until around 2am when the cleaning lady came. She cleaned and vacuum every seat. We waited for about 30 minutes waiting for the seat to dry. 

The toilets were also very clean. There were so many cleaning staffs at the airport. 

At 6:00am we were surprised to see the terminal full of passengers. The airport is too busy. After changing and brushing our teeth, we immediately gathered our things and went directly at the check-in counter. After check-in and clearing the immigration, we took our breakfast and waited for our plane.

Overall, we were happy we just stayed overnight at the airport. Not only we saved around Php8000 for the accommodation but it was another experience for us.

April 15, 2014

A Different Jollibee Experience

My mother is craving for Filipino food. She is not fan of Chinese foods that's why we looked for the Jollibee outlet while we were in Central Hongkong. 

While walking, there were two Filipina who overheard my sister that she's looking for Jollibee. They gladly helped us with the direction. We walk for about 15 minutes and before we saw it, we immediately know that we were so near because of the distinctive smell of fried chicken.

The outlet has 2 levels and when we enter the building, it was so crowded and noisy. It seems everyone was talking at the same time. We Filipinos loves to talk to each other while eating. There were so many eating and we can't find any seat. We waited for almost 30 minutes until one lady called our attention and gave us their seat.

When our food arrived, the chicken were so big and smells like the chicken joy in the Philippines but they doesn't taste the same. They were more expensive too.

I'm happy that there is a Jollibee outlet here in Hongkong were Filipinos can meet and mingle during their free time. Maybe it somehow reminds them of home.

Shop Z4, G/B Eurotrade Center, 13-14 Connaught Rd. Central, Hong Kong
Tel. No. (852) 2522 7930, (852) 2522 7553
Fax No. (852) 2854 1977
MTR Exit A

April 13, 2014

Where to Eat in Hongkong: Fairwood Restaurant

Fairwood is a Chinese fast food chain with over 90 branches in Hongkong. It serves Chinese food along with Western cuisines.

Fairwood is all over Hongkong so basically you can find an outlet in any area where you are.

We had the difficulty communicating with the staff as they do not speak in English well. Good thing the menu is in the wall and you can just point to the staff your order.

The restaurant itself was clean and spacious.

The food is cheap and delicious. 

We loved everything we ordered. Recommended restaurant in Hongkong.


April 11, 2014

Starstruck at Madame Tussaud's Hongkong Wax Museum

The  Madame Tussaud's wax museum is the highlight of our visit at The Peak. 

Upon entering, you will be greeted by Jackie Chan. You can take your picture with him but it's not free. You have to pay at the counter if you wish to get your picture with Jackie Chan.
Imagine rubbing elbows with celebrities and famous people around the world? From Hollywood and Chinese celebrities, to sports personalities and world leaders and royalties. They are all here! Too sad, there is no Filipino! Hope they will create one soon!

These were our favorites:

There is also a scary section but we didn't enter it because it requires another payment. Going back we also took the tram but this time, there is a long queue already. We waited for around 30 minutes to board the tram.

April 10, 2014

Visiting Victoria Peak (The Peak) in Hongkong via The Peak Tram

The Peak is one of the major attractions in Hongkong. It offers spectacular panoramic views day and night across Hongkong Island, Kowloon, parts of the New Territories and several of Hongkong’s outlying islands.

Getting there:

We took the Peak Tram to reach Victoria Peak. We were there early (8am) to avoid long queues. We exited Central's MTR Station from Exit J2, walk along Garden Road which is in between The Bank of China building and The Cheung Kong Centre. The walk to the tram station only takes about 15 to 20 minutes but it's uphill so wear comfortable shoes.

We passed by St. John's Cathedral. This is an Anglican cathedral in Hongkong.

Lower Peak Tram Terminus Entrance is at Garden Road. Peak Tram ticket office is on the right and Madame Tussaud's is on the left. You can also buy a combo ticket (Peak Tram, Sky Terrace 428 and Madame Tussaud) to have a priority access to the tram.

There is also an exhibits that include replicas of a first generation Peak Tram carriage and other memorabilia illustrating the history of the Peak Tram.

Once you are onboard, take a seat on the right hand side which has the better view.

The arrival level for the Peak Tram and has Peak Market, souvenir shops,  fashion and accessories shop, post office, foreign currency exchange, cafe and Madame Tussaud. Do not buy from the Peak Market as they are so expensive. Buy in Ladies Market instead.

Because we were so early (sigh), most of the shop were still close and the Madame Tussaud will open at 10am. We just walk around the Peak Galleria and Piazza and took some photos. The weather is so cold and we just stayed at Starbucks to have some coffee.

And after savoring our coffee, we went to the sky terrace to see the panoramic view of Hongkong.

But you have to climb through this dizzying escalators.

Views from the terrace, which is 428-metres above sea level and the highest viewing deck in Hong Kong, on a clear day are stunning. You can see along the length of Victoria Harbour and other parts of Hongkong.

There are binoculars for which there is a charge and there are usually professional photographers touting for business.

 For more information about the Peak Tower see the Peak website;

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