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April 15, 2014

A Different Jollibee Experience

My mother is craving for Filipino food. She is not fan of Chinese foods that's why we looked for the Jollibee outlet while we were in Central Hongkong. 

While walking, there were two Filipina who overheard my sister that she's looking for Jollibee. They gladly helped us with the direction. We walk for about 15 minutes and before we saw it, we immediately know that we were so near because of the distinctive smell of fried chicken.

The outlet has 2 levels and when we enter the building, it was so crowded and noisy. It seems everyone was talking at the same time. We Filipinos loves to talk to each other while eating. There were so many eating and we can't find any seat. We waited for almost 30 minutes until one lady called our attention and gave us their seat.

When our food arrived, the chicken were so big and smells like the chicken joy in the Philippines but they doesn't taste the same. They were more expensive too.

I'm happy that there is a Jollibee outlet here in Hongkong were Filipinos can meet and mingle during their free time. Maybe it somehow reminds them of home.

Shop Z4, G/B Eurotrade Center, 13-14 Connaught Rd. Central, Hong Kong
Tel. No. (852) 2522 7930, (852) 2522 7553
Fax No. (852) 2854 1977
MTR Exit A


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