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April 27, 2014

Sleeping in Hongkong International Airport

Cebu Pacific's cheap flights were during crazy hours. Our flight back to the Philippines is at 9:00am. So instead of staying at the hotel for our last night, we decided to just stay and sleep at the airport. We rode the bus A21 from Nathan Road to the airport at 7pm. We reached the airport at around 8:30pm.

Good thing we were prepared for the cold of the air-con. We had our makeshift blanket and pillows out of our baggage. And we were not only the one who spent the night there. We chose the bench near the window, far away from the crowded area.

Some stores/cafe were open until midnight so make sure you buy yourself some coffee and bread before they close. If you want to read the lights were sufficient too. If you want to charge your gadgets, they also have charging stations near the check-in counters.

No one really bothered us until around 2am when the cleaning lady came. She cleaned and vacuum every seat. We waited for about 30 minutes waiting for the seat to dry. 

The toilets were also very clean. There were so many cleaning staffs at the airport. 

At 6:00am we were surprised to see the terminal full of passengers. The airport is too busy. After changing and brushing our teeth, we immediately gathered our things and went directly at the check-in counter. After check-in and clearing the immigration, we took our breakfast and waited for our plane.

Overall, we were happy we just stayed overnight at the airport. Not only we saved around Php8000 for the accommodation but it was another experience for us.


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