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June 5, 2014

Pasalubong from Ilocos: Bagnet, Longganisa, Chichacorn, Sukang Iloko and Marsha's Delicacies

One thing i love most about going to places is the goodies I will bring home to my family and friends. Here are some of the pasalubong I've found in Ilocos.


We bought bagnet at the Vigan public market because it's much cheaper. Bagnet is crispy fried pork belly. Parang lechon kawali. We bought ours at Php 350.00 per kilo.

The meat was so soft and the skin was so crunchy.The pork is boiled until tender and it's deep fried...twice! The twice frying is what gives it the unique taste. It is serve with sukang Iloko or chopped tomatoes and onions with bagoong isda dip.


And there's the Vigan longganisa for P120.00 per dozen. I don't really like the taste of their longganisa because it's too garlicky. I remember when the first time I went to Vigan and rode the Partas bus on my way home, hindi kami umalis ng terminal hanggang may naamoy na longganisa ang kundoktor sa loob ng bus. Lahat ng longganisa ay dapat nasa baba kasama ng ibang mga bagahe. Amoy na amoy kasi ang bawang. I like the Pampanga longganisa that's sweet with a little bit of garlic.


Ilocos is also famous for the chichacorn. There are many brands but my favorite is the one with yellow packaging that has a label " The Original Ilocos Chichacorn, made in Ilocos Sur. I love the garlic flavor. We bought ours at their store at the town outside Vigan.


Sukang Iloko is a chemical-free organic vinegar made from sugar cane and plant extract called samak that turns the color dark preserved in earthen jars. This is good for chicharon and bagnet.


And our last stop is the Marsha's Delicacies. You can bu all of the goodies I've mentioned above here. But Marsha is famous for the royal bibingka and brownies. They also have a coffee shop and a clean restroom perfect for stop over.


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